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Campo del Sur in Cádiz

One of the most iconic features of the Campo del Sur is the Paseo Fernando Quiñones, a long promenade that runs along the edge of the city facing the ocean. Named after a local writer and poet, the Paseo is a popular spot for walkers, joggers, and cyclists, and it offers stunning views of the Atlantic and the Cádiz skyline.

The Campo del Sur is also close to several notable buildings and monuments, including the Monument to the Constitution of 1812 (in the Plaza de españa), which commemorates the adoption of the Spanish Constitution of 1812 in Cádiz. Not far away you will also find the Roman Theatre and Cathedral. At the end of the Campo del Sur you will find the Peña Flamenca la Perla de Cádiz.

Today, the Campo del Sur continues to be a popular gathering place for locals and visitors alike. Whether you are strolling along the Paseo Fernando Quiñones, enjoying a coffee in one of the nearby cafes, or simply taking in the sights and sounds of this beautiful avenue, the Campo del Sur is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Cadiz.

The connection between Havana and Cádiz

The comparison between Cadiz and Havana is often made due to the similarities between the two cities. Both are coastal cities with a strong maritime history, and both have been influenced by Spanish colonialism and the cultures of the Caribbean.

The music of Cadiz, particularly the joyful and rhythmic flamenco, has also been influenced by the music of Cuba, and many musicians from Cadiz have traveled to Havana to learn from Cuban musicians. This cultural exchange has helped to strengthen the connection between the two cities, and has led to a shared appreciation for music, dance, and the joy of life.

This link between Cadiz and Havana was sung by Andalusian singer-songwriter Carlos Cano with the chorus “Havana is Cadiz with more little black ones, Cadiz is Havana with more Salero”, all to the rhythm of habaneras. Cadiz is a city that resembles the tranquil Caribbean character, but, in the south of Spain.

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