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Beaches in Cádiz

Its said that some of the best beaches in Spain are in Cádiz. Not surprising as it is almost an island and is mostly surrounded by water. Apart from lazing around and sunbathing there are plenty of options for sailing, whale watching, scuba diving, windsurfing and jet skiing.

What about a cataman susnet cruise?

Playa de la Caleta
Beaches in Cádiz - La Caleta
La Caleta beach is famous for the stunning sunsets as well as some great bars and restaurants.

Stretching approximately 360 meters along the Atlantic coast, La Caleta offers a delightful blend of natural beauty and historical allure. Two ancient reef structures frame the beach, creating a serene harbor and shallow bay ideal for swimming and relaxation.

Visit Cádiz audio guided tour
Uncover the Charms of Cádiz with Clive: A Unique Audio Walking Tour with VoiceMap
Uncover the Charms of Cádiz with Clive: A Unique Audio Walking Tour with VoiceMap

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Protected by two castles

Dominating the beach’s vista are two iconic castles perched atop rocky outcrops: The fortress of Santa Catalina and San Sebastian Castle at the distant end of the picturesque causeway.

A stroll to San Sebastian Castle offers stunning sea views.

Restaurants on Caleta beach in Cádiz.
The bar by the Caleta beach is a great place to try some tasty seafood tapas!
La Caletas connection to James Bond

La Caleta’s scenic charm has also captured the attention of filmmakers, featuring in notable films like “007: Die Another Day.”

The beach’s cinematic history adds to its enchantment as a backdrop for unforgettable moments.

La Caleta beach in Cádiz and the Bond connection.

Imagine this: It’s a typical sunny day on Caleta Beach, but wait! Pierce Brosnan as Agent 007 finds himself in the captivating city where a famous scene unfolds. Picture Halle Berry emerging from the glistening blue waters in that unforgettable orange bikini.

As Bond savors a refreshing Mojito, his gaze falls upon Berry’s stunning entrance. Little did viewers know, this idyllic setting was transformed into the streets of Havana for the film.

Playa de Santa Maria del Mar
Beaches in Cádiz - Playa de Santa Maria del Mar
The small beach of Santa Maria del Mar. Enclosed by two breakwaters.

This small beach is enclosed by two curved breakwaters which helps to keep the golden sand in place during winter storms. If you are into body boarding, then this is where the locals go. There are a few bars, toilets on the promenade and it’s also on the city bus route.

Playa de la Victoria

Getting a blue flag for its cleanliness almost every year the popular beach of Victoria is really popular with locals and visitors alike. The promenade has hotels, bars and restaurants along the almost 3 km length. Here you’ll find great beach facilities such as public toilets, changing rooms and lifeguards.

You can hire sun beds, pedalos and there are areas for sports. During the summer moths there is an outdoor cinema and a handy tourist office as well. There is parking close to the beach and also a regular city bus.

Playa de la Cortadura

Continuing southwards, the next beach along from La Victoria is called Cortadura. It has great services equal to Victoria beach with sun beds and shades for hire along with well maintained toilets, changing rooms and life guards during the summer months. There is parking along the length of the beach and access is along boardwalks over the sand dunes.

Playa el Chato

If you are looking for a beach with a bit more of natural appeal then head out to the playa el Chato. Find a place amongst the sand dunes and relax for a while. There is basic facilities in this area but you do have the famous restaurant, El Ventorrillo Del Chato nearby.

Playa Torregorda

A continuation of the Chato beach, the Playa de Torregorda runs for just over 3 kilometres, There are basic services here but plenty of parking close by.

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