Paseo de Canalejas and the Plaza de las Tortugas

Paseo de Canalejas and the Plaza de las Tortugas

The Paseo de Canalejas and Plaza de las Tortugas form a green area of 8,510 m2 and 1,060 m2 respectively, located between the Provincial Council Palace and Plaza de San Juan de Dios. The area is bordered by Avenida del Puerto and the commercial port to the east and Avenida 4 de Diciembre de 1977 (formerly known as Avenida Ramón de Carranza) to the west.

The triangular-shaped Paseo de Canalejas has undergone few changes in recent decades, except for its flower beds, which were redesigned when the promenade was constructed. The new design features an irregular and sinuous distribution, which contrasts with the previous symmetrical and rectilinear one. The promenade is covered with a variety of tree species and houses the city’s Tourist Information Office, which is shaped like a polyhedron with glass walls. The monument to the distinguished sailor and Spanish Navy strategist, Blas de Lezo, can also be found here.

Paseo de Canalejas and the Plaza de las Tortugas
Images on this page from The official Cádiz city website with information about parks, gardens and natural areas.

In the small Plaza de las Tortugas, visitors can see the Fuente de las Tortugas (Fountain of the Turtles), surrounded by bitter orange trees (Citrus aurantium). The gardens also contain the monument to the Virgen del Rosario, which was built in memory of the tsunami of 1755 that devastated the city.

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