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Plaza de las Flores in Cádiz

Plaza de las Flores, located in the historic center of Cádiz, is a beautiful square named after the original flower market that once took place there. (There still are flower stalls.)The square is surrounded by colorful buildings with wrought-iron balconies, palm trees, benches, and a central fountain, making it a popular spot for both locals and tourists to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

La Sal by Pillow hotel

La Sal by Pillow is a hotel in the historic centre of Cádiz close to the Plaza de las Flores. This small, completely refurbished hotel in Cádiz is the ideal option for travellers who like to discover the best corners of the city and explore its streets, without giving up the comfort and convenience offered by Pillow.

Restaurants and bars offering local cuisine and drinks are also available around the square. The plaza is conveniently located near some of Cádiz’s most popular attractions, including the Cathedral of Cádiz, the Gran Teatro Falla, and the Mercado Central de Abastos, making it an excellent starting point for exploring the city. It’s also a well-known meeting spot for locals.

Also known as Plaza Topete, Calle Compañía and Calle Columela lead to the square, as well as the Barrié and Libertad streets. Its proximity to the city’s main food market, which is located right next to it, adds to the lively atmosphere.

The Post Office building is a notable construction that presides over the widest point of the Plaza de las Flores. This triangular urban space is completely pedestrianized, bustling, and often used as a traditional meeting point. Its flower stalls create the perfect atmosphere for leisurely walks and the stay of passersby.

In addition to shops and cafes with outdoor terraces, one of the city’s most famous fish fryers is also located in the square.

Freiduría los Flores
Plaza de las Flores in Cádiz
In addition to shops and cafes with outdoor terraces, one of the city’s most famous fish fryers is also located in the square.

If Cádiz is famous for its fish fryers, much of the “blame” lies with this establishment whose showcase, where freshly fried fish is deposited, is one of the most visited “monuments” in the city. Thanks to a thorough renovation, the old fish fryer annexed a bar located next to it and has a large number of tables where you can taste freshly fried fish, as well as seafood and some dressings. It also has a pleasant terrace in the Plaza de Las Flores. The establishment was expanded in 2022 and now has a spacious indoor lounge.

Lucius Junius Moderatus Columella - Plaza de las Flores in Cádiz

The monument to Lucio Junio Moderato Columela, after whom the Calle Columela is named, is located in the center of the square.

He was a famous Roman agronomic treatise writer from Cádiz who wrote “De re rustica” and “Liber de arboribus,” which dealt with all fieldwork in a broad sense, including agriculture, livestock farming, beekeeping, and animal care.

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