Jardines del Paseo de Carlos III in Cádiz

Jardines del Paseo de Carlos III in Cádiz

The Paseo de Carlos III is a historic promenade located between Genoves Park and the Alameda de Apodaca effectively joining these two gardens together. The promenade dates back to 1927 and was created as a result of the progressive occupation of the military security area of the walled perimeter of Cadiz. The current architecture is the work of the architect Juan Talavera y Heredia, who also designed the remodeling of the Alameda de Apodaca and Marqués de Comillas gardens. The promenade’s design is a continuation of the Alameda and incorporates the same regionalist style.

The gardens are classified as an “Asset of Cultural Interest” and included in the General Catalog of the “Historical Heritage of Andalusia”. The promenade’s current shape is triangular, with its base just in front of the entrance to Parque Genovés. It consists of a first open space with a polygonal plan with a small central fountain and benches on the sides of the polygon. From this space there is a path covered by a pergola, with side exits to small circular gazebos, which communicates with the second open space in the garden, this one with a square floor plan surrounded by hedges, with benches at the corners and double side exits.

Jardines del Paseo de Carlos III in Cádiz
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Inside the garden, a central axis can be clearly distinguished, with different squares, four of which are rounded, one rectangular, and another octagonal, wider, with a fountain in its center. The type of furniture used in the promenade is based on ceramics from Triana with wrought iron elements.

The Paseo de Carlos III is an important cultural and historic landmark in Cadiz, and its architectural style is characteristic of the city’s regionalist architecture. Visitors can enjoy a relaxing stroll along the promenade, taking in the beautiful architecture, fountains, and gardens.

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