The Parque Fosos de la Tierra

Fosos de la Tierra green area in Cádiz

The Parque Fosos de la Tierra is a green area located adjacent to the Puertas de Tierra in Cádiz, housing part of the canvasses of the Defensive Wall of the Puertas de Tierra. The area was once a moat that formed part of the city’s defensive system, along with the access slopes to the ditch called “Glacis”, which was made up of a forward bastion flanked by two semi-bastions.

In the first half of the 20th century, the possibility of demolishing the entire complex was considered to allow greater access for vehicles to the city center as the city grew through areas outside the walls. However, it was decided to partially fill in the moats and open two new arches in the canvas of the wall. In 1999, the moat was transformed into a green zone, and in 2002, it was opened to the public as a green space.

Today, the Parque Fosos de la Tierra provides a connection to the pedestrian path that crosses a large part of this moat from the Puertas de Tierra and to the Plaza de la Constitución with the train station and the new bus station in the city. In addition to the dog friendly “canine” area, visitors can enjoy the scenic views of the wall canvasses and the park’s greenery.

The Parque Fosos de la Tierra
Images on this page from The official Cádiz city website with information about parks, gardens and natural areas.

As for the canvasses, they are the outer walls of a fortification that protected a town or city, often built in the shape of a polygon, with bastions projecting outward at regular intervals. These walls were usually high and thick, built to withstand enemy attacks and protect the city’s inhabitants. In the case of the Parque Fosos de la Tierra, the canvasses are part of the Defensive Wall of the Puertas de Tierra.

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